Look Development Rig

Creating a rig or scene file that will allow me to do look development for a lookDev reel I am going to start working on in hopes of getting a lookDev or surfacing job.  Usually this role includes building up the shaders or materials for objects, characters.  Establishing what the surface of an object looks like when it reacts to light.  

The chrome sphere shows me what my environment lighting is doing like sky color sun direction etc.  The sphere on the right is the same material I am developing so I can see it on a simple shape and see what the micro surface is doing.

The colored swatches on the ground keep me informed of what my color temperature is as well as exposure.  The swatches on the right receive no light.  They are self illuminated straight color.  I never want my whites to get hotter than the white on this panel.  The swatches on the left are the same colors receiving light.  You can see that pure white looks darker when in shadow.  The colors also might shift towards blue a bit due to the influence of the sky lighting. 

I've reversed the cube shaders to see how my pure black and white compare to my illuminated black and white.  This will show me if I am over or under exposed.  This is very important that I create materials that are balanced so when a lighting artist lights the character they don't blow out one of the materials causing color clipping which looks awful and destroys micro details.  Same goes for if your darks are pure black.  

I'm super excited to start deving out some wacky characters.